Red Queen Book Review

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Title: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Total Page Numbers: 400
Genre: Fiction / YA Fiction
ISBN #: 9780062310651
Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.1

Summary of Book:
Mare Barrow is a girl born in poor conditions in this dystopian world where humans are divided by blood. There are Silvers and then there are Reds. The Silvers are supreme, with supernatural powers and have silverblood while the Red are the slaves that serve the Silvers and fight in the war. The Silvers are at war with the Lakelands and when Mare is about to be conscripted into the army as a soldier, she becomes the King’s pawn when it is discovered that she is a Red with powers. In an effort to keep her red blood a secret, the King betroths her to his younger son, labeling her as a lost Silver princess. Mare discovers an underground rebellion union called the Scarlet Guard that wants to rid the King of his throne and finally make Reds and Silvers equals. Mare has to try and survive with the lie the King has created while also working with the rebels. Will she succeed? Will romance on the throne bring her down? Will her Red secret be discovered?

What I Thought:
Honestly, I thought that this was a pretty good story. The characters were likable and the plot twists were riveting. The one thing that confused me a lot was the love story that was integrated into the book. There were so many possibilities as to who she would begin to like. Maven was my favorite character because he was very adorable and strong and he and Mare understood each other so well. My least favorite character was Kilorn by a long shot. He just came off as being like a whiney ex-boyfriend. When I finished this book I messaged my friend to talk about the ending and may I say… I NEED MORE. I’m extremely excited that there will be more books. I am even more excited to see how the love story part of the books progress (What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic!). Overall, this was worth the read. It was exciting and it held my attention every single chapter!

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