Never Fade Book Review

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If you have not read The Darkest Minds then I strongly recommend that you read that first because there are major spoilers about the first and second book in this review. Thank you.

Title: Never Fade
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Publisher: Hyperion
Total Page Numbers: 507
Genre: YA / Fantasy / Dystopian
ISBN #: 9781423159339
Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.5

Summary of Book:
Ruby is trying to get used to working with the Children’s League when she learns of an important governmental secret that could change everything. Now she must attempt to escape the League and seek out the truth of the disease that has plagued the children of America. The only problem? The flash drive containing the data is lost… With Liam Stewart. Ruby is torn between her old friends and the secret promise she made to stay with the League.

What I Thought:

This book was so epic! I loved the plot twists and the sass and the love, oh THE LOVE. I did feel as though the beginning of the story was a it dragged out because, come on, all us readers really were waiting for was Ruby and Liam’s reunion. But I understand that the author had to develop the Children's League background story more and introduce Alban too. I was disappointed that Zu didn't show up at all in this book but hopefully she will be in the next which I will hopefully be reading very soon! My favorite part of this book was when Ruby gives Liam back his memories and when he is telling her how he feels (I was squealing when I read that part.) I also loved Chubs in this book. He has gone through so much character development throughout this story and he is so grown up and protective in the second book. On another note, who ships Vida and Chubs together? Whatever it's just a thought… Jude was so cute in this book and (SPOILER) I. Do. Not. Believe. He. Is. Dead. If I don't see a character die, then there is still the possibility that they are alive. Take Clancy for example. DARN YOU CLANCY!!! Screwing people over again and again, it's not cool anymore. I kind of knew that the “lady in the white coat” that Ruby saw in Clancy’s mind was the First Lady because they mentioned it in the first book and Clancy got all weird. I cried three times reading this book, and during school too, ugh. But that also means it was amazing and you should read the series if you have not yet!

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