Time Zero Book Review

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Title : Time Zero
Author : Carolyn Cohagan
Publisher : She Writes Press
Total Page Numbers : 426
Genre : Young Adult / Thriller / Dystopian
ISBN : 9781631520723
Rating (Out of 5 Stars) : 5

Summary of Book:
Fifteen-year-old Mina Clark lives in a future Manhattan that is ruled by extremists. Girls aren’t allowed to get an education, they need permission to speak to boys, and all marriages are negotiated by contract. But Mina’s grandmother has secretly been teaching her to read, leading Mina down a path of rebellion, romance, and danger that not only threatens to destroy her family’s reputation, it could get Mina killed.

Suspenseful and empowering, Time Zero is about what it’s like to be powerless, underestimated, and manipulated and what it takes to go against society to assert who you actually want to be.”
Excerpt taken from Amazon.com

What I Thought:
5 stars is right! This book positively blew me away. I read it in two days and I could not get enough! “The religion that governs the city in Time Zero is fictional, yet its rules have been taken from various religions around the world, including those that originate in the United States” (Timezerobook.com). This is the sentence I couldn’t get out of my head for the entire book. The fact that these rules actually exist and are being followed? That women are treated like that? Mina Clark, our protagonist, knows that the system she lives in is flawed. Men rule women in every aspect of life, what she wears, does, says, who she marries, etc.
We start out on the day of Mina’s Offering, where she will be bid on by multiple suitors and married off. Mina’s secret is that she can read, her Nana has been teaching her for five years. Leaking this information would mean she’d be unmarriageable and even face the possibility of death.

There’s a lot of things I liked about this book. I liked how it had that classic dystopian-YA feel to it, but how it was also realistic in a sense. Hopefully, in the next book, the Prophet and Uncle Ruho are given more detail. I want to know the deepest inner workings of this society and how it became so misogynistic. I agree with most other reviews I’ve seen on this book that the so-called “rebel cause” didn’t seem very “rebellious.” It mostly seemed like they hated males so it didn’t help much that they were just anti-men. Overall the plot was fascinating and it was a page-turner for sure!
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Time Zero is a book about the extremist rule of religion on society, bravery, skepticism, love, and ultimately, survival.

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