If I Fall, If I Die Review

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Title : If I Fall, If I Die
Author : Michael Christie
Publisher : Hogarth (Penguin Random House)
Total Page Numbers : 323
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-0-8041-4082-9
Rating (Out of 5 Stars) : 3.5

Summary of Book:
Will has lived inside his house his whole life… Literally. His mother, Diane, has Agoraphobia. They have both created their own world inside. Safe. What will happen when Will steps outside for the first time?

What I Thought:
The first thing that really struck me about this book was the overwhelming beauty of the writing. It’s so complex and indirect that it paints a vivid picture in your mind. The way that Christie handled mental illness was phenomenal and it taught you a lot about what goes on in the life of someone living with Agoraphobia. The concept of the “Black Lagoon” was interesting and gave more of a shape as to what Agoraphobia is. “Inside”vs.”Outside” was interesting as well, Will sees them as different “objects” if you will. Inside and Outside are two completely different worlds. The names of the rooms in Will’s house like Cairo and Toronto, confused me a bit at the beginning until I figured out his way of speaking. Overall this book was really great but really dense. There was a lot of content in this book so it did feel slow at times but the mystery and the friendship and the discovery and backstory all wind together into one truly beautiful story. ;)

"I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review."

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