The Heir Book Review

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***Minor spoiler alert if you have not read The Selection series as this review will go into detail about what happens after The One by Kiera Cass. Thank you.

Title: The Heir
Author: Kiera Cass
Publisher: HarperTeen
Total Page Numbers: 346
Genre: Romance / Dystopian / YA
ISBN #: 9780062405500
Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.85

Summary of Book:
20 years ago princess Eadlyn’s mother, America, won the crown and prince Maxon’s, heart. Now, it’s her turn. But princess Eadlyn now has her own Selection to uphold. If it were up to her, she wouldn’t marry, but with tension rising in Illéa she must do her duty to the country. As Eadlyn’s Selection progresses she finds that maybe there is hope for romance after all...

What I Thought:

This book blew me away, as with all Kiera Cass’s previous Selection stories. First off. may I say, THAT ENDING!!! But I will get to that later on. It felt kind of weird trying to age America and Maxon in my head, I could only see them as the young couple in love the way I always had, so when I had to imagine Eadlyn, it was hard because I kept seeing her as being the same age as America… Does that make sense? Eadlyn sort of wasn’t my favorite at the beginning. I thought it was funny that in my head I kept thinking “why can’t you be more like your mother.” She was just really bratty and it was sort of hard to believe that she came out of Maxon and America. By the end she really impressed me but at the beginning she came off as being really power hungry. I kind of giggled every time they made references to Maxon and America’s love story because if you have read the previous books it's kind of like you know more than she does but I wanted them to tell her everything and they only told her bits and pieces! It was cute though. Also, I loved a lot of the Selected guys. Kile and Hale and Henri… But I also liked Erik (Eikko) too. I like Kile because he and Eadlyn have a history and it will be like Aspen all over again except he’ll win… But I also like Hale because he’s so nice but he’s my least favorite definitely. Henri is so freaking cute! ugh! If Henri can learn a bit of English then Eadlyn can learn Finnish. It won't be that hard to communicate… Some people say that Erik is in love with Henri and that’s why he is trying to get Eadlyn away from Henri but personally I think that’s all wrong. I think the author will put Eadlyn with Erik because he isn’t even a part of the Selection so it's sort of “forbidden love.” I just think that he really understands her and he listens to what she says really well. Now to Ahren. I think that what he did was fine but that he should have gone about it a different way. Now there will be a wall between him and Eadlyn because of that partial betrayal. I think that he really does love Camille and that it’s really nice that they eloped and got married in France. Okay… Now we are at the ending. Whew. Ummm… This shocked me so much. If you haven't gotten this far in the book then stop reading this review right here because you will be spoiled about the ending. When Eadlyn said “...the hallways were abnormally empty,” (pg. 338 in the hardcover version) I knew that something was wrong but I didn't expect that America had had a heart attack. And poor Maxon! He’s gone through all this trouble just to get America and they're in so much love and then she has to go and have a  heart attack whyyyyy. And I can’t believe that it ends with her in the hospital bed like that. I know that Cass is trying set up the next book by having Eadlyn determined to find someone who loves her but jeez, all I was thinking about in that moment was whether I was going to have a heart attack because one of my favorite characters in this whole series was most likely going to die. I need the next book and I need it now! This series and this story is so great and so uplifting and inspirational in so many ways. I love The Selection and The Heir and I always will. Especially when the end of the fourth book is literally life or death...

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