Shatter Me Book Review

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Title: Shatter Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Publisher: HarperCollins
Total Page Numbers: 352
Genre: Romance / Dystopian
ISBN #: 9780062085481
Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.5

Summary of Book:
No one can explain why Juliette’s skin is untouchable. The Reestablishment has big plans for her future, she will be their weapon. But Juliette won’t bend so easily to their whims. After being hurt by others for her whole life, she’s ready to fight them back and, in the process, possibly find love with the boy she thought she’d never see again.

What I Thought:
I read this book in two days flat, nonstop (except to sleep and eat). I don’t even know what to say… The writing was beautiful, like a poem. The characters had strong personalities and they were lovable because they were so different. Juliette was the heroine, Adam was the good-boy, Warner was the bad-boy, and Kenji was the clown. The only problem I had with this book was that I wanted Juliette to be with Warner and not Adam although I liked him, I thought that Warner was the stronger character and I want to know more about him since Adam and Juliette’s backstory is so plainly set out.. Warner reminded me of Loki and Draco a lot so maybe that’s why I loved him so much… When they played off Adam as being the bad guy in the beginning I kind of knew/hoped he wasn’t. But what surprised me was that he wasn’t a part of the rebels because I thought that he already was. Now, Warner is a mysterious character. He doesn't want people to know about his mother for one thing and I think that that will come into play later on in the series. His relationship with Juliette and my view on him was completely changed when I read Destroy Me the Shatter Me novella. You began to understand just how much he cares for Juliette and doesn't want her to get hurt. It just made me love him even more! I thought that the rebels were a bit sketchy. The ending was very abrupt in the fact that they were saved, the end. No, I don’t think it should have ended so good but I do understand that Mafi was trying to set us up for the next book (which I am excited to read soon). I want to know what Adam’s power is and I want to know what Warner’s power is now that we know what happens when he touches her. When Adam was able to touch her I thought yes but when Warner was able to touch her I thought love triangle, double yes! It totally caught me off guard when we found out that a lot of different people also had powers? I thought it was only going to be Juliette so im excited to find out more about that too. Overall, this book was hella amazing and I am super duper excited to read the rest of the Shatter Me series!

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