Finding Audrey Book Review

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Title: Finding Audrey
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Total Page Numbers: 288
Genre: Contemporary / Coming Of Age
ISBN #: 9780553536515
Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 3.7

Summary of Book:
Audrey Turner is left with a debilitating anxiety disorder after an incident at school that expelled three girls. Audrey is trying to progress in her treatment with Dr. Sarah but she is very slow to recover. That is, until she meets Linus, her brothers gaming partner. Linus is one of the few people Audrey is learning to interact with and befriend or maybe even more… Finding Audrey is about being resilient and bouncing back from a traumatic event despite how scary Audrey’s illness makes her view the outside world.

What I Thought:
I thought that this book was good! Sophie Kinsella does a phenomenal job of displaying what it is like to have a mental disorder and how it is to live with one. I liked the sunglasses that showed up from time to time in the story and how the end portrayed her as leaving them behind because she was finally ready to go out and face the world without hiding. I also liked the sweet love between Audrey and Linus although it partially felt like insta-love but it was also very believable at the same time. One character I absolutely hated was Audrey's mom. She was crazy! She was so annoying mad overprotective that I actually told my mom that I was so glad she wasn’t like her. She’s the one who needed a therapist! I can’t believe she threw the computer out the window and got into everyone’s business like she did. In the end she did loosen up a bit but all the while I was reading I was just so angry (sorry for the mini rant). I liked Audrey’s brother and that he got into cooking and how innocent and happy it made him. It reminded me a lot about my siblings. Oh, and the humor in this book was amazing. It cracked me up so much reading this. Kinsella did a great job of changing up the moods throughout the story. At some points I could be crying and then the next page I’d be laughing. Not many authors can do that so I’d say that this book was a success all around.

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